Created by IBS Group, a leading software development and IT services provider in Central and Eastern Europe, Oradell Capital provides companies with access to the knowledge, network and experience of IBS Group management, helping them successfully develop their businesses in US, Canadian, Eastern European and Global markets.

Our investment focus is on Seed and Series A technology companies creating innovative solutions in Digital media, Smart Services and Devices, Wireless sensor technology, Machine-to-Machine Systems, Pervasive Internet and Ad-Hoc Computing, Information and Communication Technologies.

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News360 uses NLP and Machine Learning to help consumers find personalized news stories they'll love in the News360 app, used by over 7M people on iOS and Android, and to help news publishers like Thomson Reuters, and Euronews understand their audience and content with the NativeAI Audience Analytics platform.

News360 aggregates more than 30,000 online news sources, and is able to detect more than 1M distinct interests in each story that is analyzed by its content analysis and recommendation engine

"News360 is the best news app on my iPad now"

Robert Scoble (Scobleizer)


PressReader offers unlimited access to more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines from around the world, online or via apps for nearly any device. PressReader’s technology allows them to extract text and images from traditional publications at scale, enabling mobile-friendly reading, and making it easy to search, share, instantly translate, or even listen to content.

Readers can subscribe for monthly unlimited access. They can also get sponsored access through one of PressReader’s thousands of business partners, which include major airlines, hotel brands, libraries and cruise lines.


Jazva’s all-in-one solution streamlines and unifies operations in multi-channel retail, so sellers can optimize every function of their business and stay ahead of the game. We empower online retailers with enterprise-level capabilities to drive more business, while reducing the complexity to achieve it.

Created in 2011, Jazva processes millions of dollars in merchandise value every year. Retailers across multiple industries such as automotive, apparel and FMCG are using Jazva to automate their workflows and grow sales. We believe that mid-size retailers should have access to the same enterprise-level technology that global retail brands have had for years, so they can compete and win against bigger budgets and resources.

The Question is the fastest growing Q&A service in Russia. Service has reached 7 million users within 2 years and keep growing for 10% each month. TheQuestion connects those who are seeking for knowledge and advice with experts who know the best answer. Thequestion builds community of people who are able and willing to help each other.

Businesses can share their knowledge and experience with their customers by answering questions about their products and services on their corporate pages on the platform. Our clients are able to reach people who are looking for answers about their products on search engine platforms such as Google and Yandex and find answers on

In 2017 TheQuestion launched a corporate knowledge platform for businesses. Our clients can create their corporate TheQuestion for their teams questions and answers.

Former Portfolio Companies, (now, Medialogia

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